Steps Preparation Presentation Offers Completion Moving Out

Upon receiving an offer we’ll contact you. As your agent we are legally required to pass all offers on to you, however ridiculous the offer may be. Once you have received an offer, be prepared to negotiate. But remember, you don't have to sell to the highest bidder as a lower bidder might be better if they:

  • Cash - Are paying cash (so don't have to wait for mortgage approval)
  • Morgage - Already have a mortgage "agreed in principle"
  • Chain - Don't have to sell a property first (they could be first-time buyers or investors) or are in a short chain
  • Timescales - Can fit in with your timescales better than other buyers


After you’ve accepted an offer our personal negotiator will prepare a memorandum of sale and write to all parties. Note - You have no legal obligations until the contract has been signed.

The potential buyer may well be asked to take your property off the market, however we would advise that you only do this if they can prove that they are in the best possible position to move forward i.e they are cash buyers, or the sale of their home is assured and progressing well.


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