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You can move out whenever you like, even up until the day of completion. At the time of completion, the property has to be in the condition agreed in the contract including all the fixtures and fittings. Moving out of the home you’ve lived in for a while can be stressful, but it’s also a great opportunity to make a new start. Getting organised and planning ahead will minimise your stress levels and make it easier to move on.


  • Removals - Choose whether to appoint a removals firm, or to hire a van and get packing cases to do it yourself.
  • Insurance - Check your existing home contents insurer to see if your possessions are covered during the move.
  • Meter readings - Remember to take meter readings on both properties on the day(s) of the move.
  • Post redirecting - Set up your post to be redirected a few weeks before you move with the Royal Mail which is a good precaution against identity theft. 
  • Banks & Utilities - Inform your bank, credit card provider, DVLA, TV licensing, BT, Broadband provider, utility companies ff your change of address.
  • New applicances - While you still have an internet connection (it could be a few days before your new property is connected), download any instruction manuals from the manufacturer’s website for your new appliances.
  • Notes for new owners - Prepare a note for the new owners explaining how things work and where they can find useful items such as the boiler switches, aerial sockets, alarm codes, rubbish collection days, operating instructions for any applicances. A few kind thoughts will go a long way when it comes to mail redirection and injects some humanity into the whole process.


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